Fumbling in the Dark Becomes a Thing of the Past with Motion Sensor Technology

Driven by the pandemic, the past year has witnessed a phenomenal transformation as many homes are now doubling as workspaces. This has led to a demand for change in lighting technology with evolving requirements around “lighting for safety” and “lighting for health and wellness”. This has also prompted the development of new solutions in lighting technology which is quickly becoming an intrinsic element to every part of the day.

To meet the ever-changing needs of the customer while reducing carbon emissions and making our homes safer and more convenient, Cooper Lighting Solutions has expanded its smart residential lighting system, HALO Home to include a wireless motion sensor. Providing daylight and motion sensing capabilities in a single offering, the HALO Home Standalone Motion Sensor knows exactly when light is needed. It not only turns your smart lighting on when it senses motion helping you navigate safely through your home; it also turns the lights off automatically when no motion is present which saves energy and money on your electric bill.


“The motion sensor offering has the capability to better the day-to-day
functionalities of an individual and enhance their homes and lifestyle.”

– Eric Jerger, Head of Indoor Lighting, Cooper Lighting Solutions 


Released last month, this product builds on the system’s innovative Smart Motion Floodlight’s daylight motion sensor and is perfect for indoor Residential, Mixed-Use and Light Commercial applications. The wireless sensor installs in minutes and operates within the HALO Home Bluetooth network and free HALO Home app. It features a 110° field of view, 16-ft motion detection range, a Bluetooth network range of 100-ft (line-of-sight) between HALO Home products and includes a battery, mounting brackets, and hardware for both surface and flush mount installation.


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