The Elaho Room Controller provides a complete power solution for small- and medium-sized rooms – all from a single product. Elaho Room Controllers feature a multi-space control structure that allow each output of the Room Controller to be assigned to a unique space, or multiple zones to one space. Its feed-thru power input allows a single power input to feed all relays, or a discrete power input for each relay based on your system capacity. Relay and 0-10V control remain individually controlled no matter how the panel is fed.

The Room Controller also has flexibility to control zones in multiple spaces to maximize efficiency and reduces hardware needs for small systems.

Room Controllers provide additional interfaces for A/V integration, Demand Response input from a utility company, and UL924 emergency bypass built into each controller, making it ideal for classrooms, offices, churches, and all general area-lighting needs.


Cooper Lighting Solutions – WaveLinx Lite Tilemount Sensor

The Tilemount Sensor Kit is an accessory to the WaveLinx Lite (WLC) system which may be used with out-of-the-box functionality or commissioned via the WaveLinx Lite mobile application….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – 4 Myths About Connected Lighting, Debunked

From rising construction costs to the shrinking labor force, electrical contractors’ jobs aren’t getting any easier. When you’re already juggling many challenges, keeping up with evolving technologies can feel daunting….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – HALO PR6 LED

With field-selectable lumens and color temperatures; and interchangeable medium and wide lenses; the PR6 series offers the ultimate in flexibility in making final settings on site….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – How to Light a Warehouse

In the past, many warehouse facility managers didn’t give much thought to their space’s lighting unless something went wrong or needed to be replaced. All of that has changed….

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