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Mac’s II Agencies is your resource for design, supply, and customization of key electrical solutions.

Benefits Elevated Electrical Products and Services

In everything we do, we value expertise and believe in using our knowledge to educate and elevate projects. The Mac’s II electrical team is made up of industry experts here to help you in the design, supply, and support of quality electrical products. 

Also on hand is our experienced electrical quotes team. They’ll pull up their sleeves on a complicated RFQ, help with design suggestions to fit unique site conditions and increase your profitability on any project.

Macs II Agencies Electrical Products Services BC Benefits

What We Can Do Our Capabilities

Macs II Agencies Electrical Services BC Design and Engineering Assistance

Design and Engineering Assistance

We’re always adding to our list of capabilities (what can we say, we love learning) so our electrical design services are quite varied. We represent a wide range of high-quality manufacturers in the commercial, industrial, and automation spaces covering a full lineup of products from cable tray to industrial enclosures, overcurrent protection, EV charging, commercial products & fittings, and more. Our team is experienced and positioned to lend an expert hand

Customization Capabilities

What’s your vision? As a trusted advisor, we take you through the process of what’s needed to make your vision a reality, working alongside our manufacturer partners to advance from the napkin stage of a design, all the way to drawings and eventually manufacturing.

Macs II Agencies Electrical Services BC Customization Capabilities
Mac's II Agencies Electrical Services BC Prefab Solutions

Prefab Solutions

Prefabrication is a growing trend in our industry today that allows contractors to reduce labour costs and time on site, improving competitiveness in the bid stages of a project. Our team can help simplify the pre-assembly process by collaborating with our manufacturers to assemble components, ensuring consistent design and expediting installation for contractors.

EV Charging

Bringing only the best options forward, we partnered with the leading North American brand in EV charging: FLO. Our collaboration ensures consistent uptime, unparalleled network reliability, and user-friendly interfaces. It’s also how we ensure the highest-quality EV chargers available to commercial solutions ranging from residential to Level 3 fast charging options!

As a vertically integrated Canadian manufacturer, FLO’s in-house production allows them to maintain rigorous quality control standards, ensuring reliability in all environments across BC—no arctic outflows or torrential rains are going to get in the way! We provide proactive maintenance and support, backed by FLO’s performance warranty, and offer customization options for colours and branding so the look and feel is always on point.

Macs II Agencies Electrical Services BC EV Charging
Macs II Agencies Electrical Services BC Distribution Services

Distribution Services

With a large network of electrical wholesalers in BC, we have on-demand access to electrical products ensuring quick turnaround times. But we don’t stop there. Our team conducts regular inventory reviews to make sure the products you love to order are in stock and at the ready. 

As electrical products continue to evolve, we’re here to help create awareness and drive demand via branch events and focused client meetings. Our sales team will host counter mornings to meet and greet with contractors, answer questions, and fill them in on the latest in innovative electrical products.

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