Moholt is the largest student village of the beautiful Trondheim city, in Norway; it is renowned for a large, social and international milieu with students coming from all over the world to study at the prestigious Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The vision of the project is not only to provide simple and affordable housing, but also to make everyday life easier for students providing a lot of services and facilities to allow greater focus on their studies. A particular attention was payed to the environment: the main structures are built using cross laminated timber, made of Kebony wood, which is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, cement and brick.

This place demonstrates that architecture can create a sense of belonging, and Arcluce luminaires contribute to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere: PANTHEON2 floodlights light up the wood facades, walkways, parks and public spaces, providing a high quality, comfortable lighting while minimizing the impact on the surrounding space and avoiding light pollution.

Specifically designed for wide spaces and urban lighting, the PANTHEON2 rotationally symmetric projectors combine the power of LED with a wide range of beams that can diversify the light effects. The separation of the optics from the wiring compartment gives the device a minimal yet original look that can easily adapt to any project requirement.


Cooper Lighting Solutions – HALO LT4 SeleCCTable Downlight

Ideal as an energy-saving retrofit solution, but also suitable for new construction and remodeling installations, the 4″ LT SeleCCTable™ Downlight is an LED module for use in 4″ aperture recessed downlights….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – Metalux FM CCT Select

The Metalux FM is an Energy Star LED flushmount with a field selectable CCT switch that enables customization (from warm to bright white) to suit any decor….

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Liteline – Dine Series

The Dine Series is a diverse fixture that creates a cozy environment with uniform fixtures. Created in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Designers at Andy Martin Architecture, the DINE Series allows for the ideal control of visual comfort by providing a warm and precise circle of light over dining tables….

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WAC Lighting – STRUT Suspended Channel

For high ceiling applications, we offer suspended channels with low profile aircraft cables or stem supports. The only lighting, power, and control system complete with lighting elements designed for discriminating performance….

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