The unique honeycomb grill of Calipso was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm found on a seemingly extinct computer. The resulting fractal shape is an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature, built from an organic honeycomb of different diameter tubes, seemingly arranged in a random geometry.

Calipso Linear uses this honeycomb pattern in an elongated shape, adding visual interest and comfort with a soft light to an otherwise traditionally shaped fixture. This honeycomb characterizes the lamp both aesthetically and optically – not only is it visually pleasing, but it also provides an even and comfortable light emission. The result is a highly emotional lighting object that joins together optical and aesthetic intelligence. The fixture is also UGR <19 making it suitable for offices and other locations. A product positioned perfectly half-way between home and professional use, Calipso is suited to a variety of applications – expressing Artemide’s traditional approach to deliver high performance lighting with a unique and emotional expressiveness.


Indigenous Perspective Society

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Canadian College: Central Surrey Campus

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Mark Anthony Group HQ

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Capital Park Landscape Project

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