From rural town square and suburban garden to campus greenway and inner-city park, communities across the country are investing in public spaces that blend beauty and functionality. To ensure these spaces remain useful after dark, landscape lighting is a critical consideration. Landscape lighting is outdoor illumination that enhances user experience, boosts safety and adds to the ambiance of an area.

Core components of landscape lighting are: functionality, organic design, LED, light pollution, controls, scale and quality. Cooper has a diverse set of landscape lighting to fit each unique situation. Landscape lighting can be used in residential, commercial and public spaces.

The award- winning Invue Arbor LED architectural luminaire by Cooper is inspired by nature and includes Wavestream™ LED technology. The Invue Arbor family includes post top, bollards and wall mounted fixtures. Other common types of landscape lighting fixtures are accent/flood, in-ground and pathway lighting. Cooper’s Cambria 203 is the perfect light to highlight a specific area of landscape or a building façade. It has 340 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation. With the addition of extra lenses, louvers, and color filters, the Cambria 203 and many others of Cooper’s landscape lighting can be customized to fit your needs. For pathway lighting, the Lumiere Eon LED 303-P1 provides architectural styling with super bright, energy efficient LEDs. Cooper also offers in-ground outdoor light options.