A wide breadth of options and features place the MRZ family in a class of its own—at an economical vantage point. Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-head, it is is used in retail, commercial, and hospitality applications to intensify and illuminate spaces with high performance and quality. With multiple lumen packages, rotating heads, and a range of control options, MRZ is perfect for accent, wall wash, or ambient lighting.

From the days of halogen, metal halide, and incandescent lamp sources to a new era of high performing optical design, elegance, and performance—this multi-head LED series spans generations of lighting sources.

A wide lumen range from 250 to 1700+, from one source provides outputs to meet most requirements. Three different optical distributions are available to accommodate most accenting needs: 25° (narrow flood), 40° (flood), and 55° (wide flood) beam optics. Each fixture head allows for 45° tilt out of the luminaire and 365° of rotation for full aiming flexibility, so you can put the light right where you want it.

The RSA-MRZ has several color features. They include the housing/trim finish options, the color of the LED (CCT), the color truth in LEDs (CRI), and the color quality as defined by TM-30. The RSA-MRZ has excellent color quality in the higher CRI option (97+), resulting in higher quality TM-30 metrics.