Shaper Sense is an award winning, industry leading integrated acoustic and lighting product line, that also includes wireless controls options. Lighting is created using an LED edge-lit panel that produces uniform visual distributions. The addition of sound absorbing acoustic panels are designed with industry leading FilzFelt acoustic materials. This provides dual purpose from one point of installation and application. In conjunction, Shaper Sense uses Cooper Lighting’s award winning Wavelinx and Trellix platforms.

The Shaper Sense patented product series is a new system architecture that allows natural light to pass through creating a transparent window effect in this large scale product. The Shaper Sense Drum Duo has acoustic panels that are 38mm (1.5″) thick, and available in 60+ vibrant and beautiful colors of 100% Wool Design Felt. In addition, the sound absorbing recycled substrate is made of minimum 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Reverberation is significantly reduced due to material construction and performance. The Shaper Sense Drum Duo allows the designer to select a felt color for the barrel of the fixture and a different or same color for the border edge providing maximum design flexibility.