Disinfection Lighting Designed to Minimize the Potential Spread of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

Every precaution counts in crowded environments where the threat of disease is high. Imagine a ubiquitous solution designed to minimize the potential spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in virtually any space by leveraging the existing lighting infrastructure.

Labs and clinical testing have shown that Current’s 365DisInFx™ technology has the ability to significantly reduce common pathogens while being safe for human exposure.

Safer than the Sun*

*Less than 3 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight is equivalent to the maximum amount of actinic UVA light that a person would be exposed to in a typical workday under Current’s disinfection lighting.

The actinic dose of 8 hours from our disinfecting light at:

10W/m2 is equal to being in direct sunlight for about 2m 40s; and
3W/m2 is equal to being in direct sunlight for about 50s.

Note: All claims are based upon the proper installation of fixture as detailed in Current’s installation guide.

Current’s UV-A lighting follows IEC 62471 standards:

IEC 62471 – Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems

  • Actinic UV Hazard – Skin/eye exposure to UV
  • Near-UV Hazard – Eye exposure to UV-A
  • Blue Light Hazard – Eye exposure to blue light