Amidst an enclave of mature oaks and Canary Island Date Palms in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, California, the La Ladera Residence is intended to be a private but casual compound. It is keyed into the hillside towards the top of the site to maximize views towards the ocean, and above the treetop canopies of the the neighborhood. The footprint of the home runs in a staggered linear formation with incremental courtyards on the ocean side to offer generous access to garden space, natural ventilation and sunlight, while offering buffer zones between various parts of the program. An emphasis on the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces is an ongoing focus, and as one moves through and around the building they can appreciate the various themed gardens around the property, and curated views towards the surrounding vistas.

Our approach to lighting design for this project, was to have a dialogue between lighting and architecture, as opposed to having the two simply coexist and be functional. With the lighting designed along with the architecture, the end product is really something that comes alive as the sun starts to set each day. A carefully curated and symbiotic relation between the two is intended to make the project sing.