In consultation with Delta Light, Soliscape has been developed by UNSx, UNStudio’s in-house multidisciplinary team. UNSx used an iterative design thinking process that alternated between divergent and convergent design steps. The key aims were to humanize spaces and make them more adaptable. The heart of the process therefore involved research to identify the human-centric problems the system should solve and the resulting functions and services it could offer. Various insights were uncovered concerning the use of light in space with respect to the needs of the end users, the designers and the facility managers. These insights were then turned into workable solutions.

The co-creative nature of the process enabled us to draw on the best expertise from both companies and to bring this know-how into the final system design. The process involved different facets of the system, from the design of the product to the technology required to create the adaptive experience, and the design of the services connected to the Soliscape system.


Indigenous Perspective Society

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Capital Park Landscape Project

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