Kirlin is pleased to announce a new website dedicated to its Healthcare Lighting division. The site can be found at and provides an overview of the division as well as detailed features and benefits of Kirlin products across 10 critical healthcare categories:

  • Motorized Exam and Procedural Lights 
  • MRI Luminaires, Drivers, and Filters 
  • Patient Exam Lights 
  • Behavioral Health Ligature-Resistant Luminaires 
  • Tunable White Downlights, Wall Wash, and Adjustables 
  • Scenic Panels for MRI & Non-MRI Use 
  • Shower & Warming Lights 
  • NightLight, StepLight, and ChartLights 
  • Color-Specific Downlights for ORs, Veterinary Clinics, Cleanrooms, and Labs 
  • Downlights, Wall Wash, and Adjustables for Clinical Spaces and Public Areas 

Kirlin has been a leader in Medical Lighting for over 50 years. In the 1970s, famed heart surgeon and medical pioneer Dr. Michael DeBakey collaborated with Kirlin to develop the first recessed motorized patient exam light, controlled by the practitioner via a handheld joy-stick. Today, that technology has evolved into the INFRALED® series, a system of wirelessly controlled LED luminaires trusted around the world in Labor & Delivery, ICU, patient rooms, cardiac catheterization labs, and many other critical care departments.