A range of small, wedge-shaped, wall mounted luminaires with options of downward light distributions. Ideally suited to illuminate the wall and surfaces in front of wall and for light accents on vertical surfaces using high efficiency LED’s. The Leeds Wedge is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and provides a clean, visually appealing solution for small, unobtrusive wall mounted luminaires.

This luminaire is available in 3 different sizes and utilizes microVos technology, meaning the ability to do Type I,II,III,IV & V distributions as well as hybrid distributions to suit the designer’s requirements. Using the microVos optics allows for very wide spacing to mounting height ratios, while still providing perfect uniformity and code compliant light levels.


MII Minute – Shaper Sense by Cooper Lighting Solutions

“This is the merging of two worlds – Cooper partnered with a company called FilzFelt – that’s where you see the acoustic panelling on the outside of the fixture,” Join Mac’s II Agencies’ Olivia Rock and Chris Brams as we discuss the Shaper Sense by Cooper Lighting Solutions….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – WPM Wall Pack LED

The Lumark WP Wall Pack LED wall luminaire provides traditional architectural style with high performance energy efficient illumination across three housing sizes….

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Chameleon Lighting – Shadow Box Drum Pendant

Up to 13,200 lm delivered; Additional 3000lm LED panel used to light shade; 0-10V dimming, down to 10%; Multiple sizes and finish options…

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Axis Lighting – Luna Orb

Soften your surroundings with the round embrace and classic look of Luna Orb….

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