The conversion of solar energy into electrical power requires an electronic device known as a solar cell, which paired with the limitations of batteries and storage of power, wasn’t widely adopted due to its high cost and low efficiency. Until very recently, solar technology could not compete with conventional fossil fuel energy and was therefore hindered from being utilized in applications such as lighting.

Thankfully the situation has changed and in recent years solar energy technology has seen rapid advancements in efficiency and reductions in cost, making it one of the leading choices in clean electricity generation.

This is great news for the lighting industry who have helped lead this innovation. The possibilities available to engineers and designers has meant solar panels are becoming better integrated into lighting systems, creating unique solar light poles and illuminated bollards that represent the future of exterior lighting.

Ligman has developed a line of vertically integrated solar poles as well as a selection of bollards with integrated solar panels. All of these products and information regarding our solar product offerings, can be found on our NEW solar lighting website.


MII Minute – Shaper Sense by Cooper Lighting Solutions

“This is the merging of two worlds – Cooper partnered with a company called FilzFelt – that’s where you see the acoustic panelling on the outside of the fixture,” Join Mac’s II Agencies’ Olivia Rock and Chris Brams as we discuss the Shaper Sense by Cooper Lighting Solutions….

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Cooper Lighting Solutions – WPM Wall Pack LED

The Lumark WP Wall Pack LED wall luminaire provides traditional architectural style with high performance energy efficient illumination across three housing sizes….

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Chameleon Lighting – Shadow Box Drum Pendant

Up to 13,200 lm delivered; Additional 3000lm LED panel used to light shade; 0-10V dimming, down to 10%; Multiple sizes and finish options…

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Axis Lighting – Luna Orb

Soften your surroundings with the round embrace and classic look of Luna Orb….

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