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We specialize in designing ASHRAE-compliant control system networks for indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

Benefits A System For Complete Control.

From optimizing energy consumption, harvesting daylight, and providing additional security to creating custom scenes, increasing employee comfort, and reducing installation time, the benefits of a comprehensive control system are as clear as they are powerful. 

We believe in ease and simplicity, designing “wire by colour’ diagrams in BlueBeam so the rough-in process is streamlined for contractors. Our stamped plans make it clear where the controls are going, show the specs for each specific product, and come complete with a legend to reference back to for the bill of material.

A system is only as powerful as the people behind it, which is why our team—who brings over 100 years of combined controls experience—is here to help every step of the way.

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Macs II Agencies Lighting Controls Services BC System Design

Lighting Control System Design

Simple, seamless lighting control solutions are our specialty. From in-house takeoffs to certified ASHRAE compliance, we guide design to create lighting control systems that blend form and function.  

Our goal is to make complex control systems easy for everyone involved which is why our Controls Specification team works closely with the engineer and contractor to determine the control intent. It’s also why we offer assistance with Design/Build projects, and can even integrate with Building Management Systems (BMS). Whatever your retrofit or new build needs are, we have it covered.

Local Control Commissioning

Our in-house commissioning services cater to all of British Columbia and can be booked three weeks in advance of the required on-site date. Our whole team is fully accredited as well as trained and certified on a variety of systems. If you require onsite troubleshooting, our team is at the ready.

Macs II Agencies Lighting Controls Services BC Local Commissioning
Macs II Agencies Lighting Controls Services BC Compatibility Champs

Compatibility Champs

If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that technology is always changing. When you make the call to change with it, we show up with options. Whether it’s finding a cost-effective solution to upgrade your current system, or retrofitting legacy technologies to bring them up-to-date, we have a plan to work with you. 

We offer a versatile range of wiring options, including 2-wire DALI, CAT cabling, wireless, and more, to effectively modernize your systems.

Specification Support

We created spec support as a resource for engineers—why? Because when we’re all informed and on top of the latest control system trends, we can go further. Our certified trainers’ expertise extends beyond information sharing, equipping stakeholders with in-depth knowledge of the latest systems and practices. 

We offer engaging demonstrations with mock-up control systems, providing invaluable opportunities for testing and evaluation. (We make them fun, we promise.) With access to samples and demos, we empower you to make informed decisions and achieve optimal performance in your projects.

Macs II Agencies Lighting Controls Services BC Specification Support
Macs II Agencies Lighting Controls Services BC In House Commission Training

In-House Commissioning Training

For hands-on engineers looking to elevate their expertise, we offer in-house commission training you can attend either at our office or virtually. Our specialized training program is designed to empower you with the skills needed to specify and commission cutting-edge systems. Focusing on product lines such as Wavelinx Lite, Pro and CAT, our comprehensive training will position you to excel in the field and commission systems efficiently.

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