Who says TINY comes at the expense of performance? USAI Lighting is defying the norm and what is possible as we raise the bar in design and engineering with a new one-inch recessed fixture family, featuring powerful output, incredible low glare optics, and completely serviceable from below, these LittleOnes will knock your socks off.

1.25″ Ceiling Aperture

LittleOnes Micro is the USAI BeveLED family’s newest tiny member. Unique for its outstanding flexibility with a full family offering, this 1.25″dynamo provides the ultimate versatility possible in an LED fixture this small. It’s installable AND serviceable from below, and its square or round shapes can work with most typical ceiling types, including retrofit applications. Have you ever met a tiny ONE like this?

1″ Ceiling Aperture

Defying what we thought possible and exceeding expectations. Don’t be fooled by its 1” size and lens aperture of ¾”! Yes, this guy is TINY. Like its metric system namesake, it’s teeny tiny and POWERFUL. This little guy packs a stealth punch with over 1000 delivered lumens and literally off-the-charts glare control. Zepto provides unparalleled performance with an ultra discreet trim aesthetic.


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