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Power TransformationWe’re BC’s Go-To Power Transformation Experts

From new construction projects to retrofit solutions, Mac’s II Agencies offers comprehensive medium and high voltage solutions, all under one roof.

Benefits Overcoming Challenges Together

We’ve made finding solutions our business.  Whether we’re working with our partners to build a custom transformer that fits perfectly into an elevator shaft – true story – or craning a 15,000 lb transformer through the 16th floor of a commercial tower, we get excited when projects get complex. Our deep expertise – ranging from standard commercial through capital projects and difficult retrofits – will help your next project run smoothly.

Macs II Agencies Power Transformation Services BC Benefits

What We Can Do Our Capabilities

Macs II Agencies Power Transformation Services BC Technical Support

Technical Support

We don’t use the term expert without meaning it. It’s earned and backed by our strong track record of successful execution through difficult projects. Providing site services, fulfilling RFQs, and working with distributors, contractors, and engineers, our team is here to provide you with the technical support you need to succeed. And when you’re unsure and have a tricky situation? We‘ll come to your site to help find solutions.

Layout and Planning Assistance

We excel at optimizing space utilization—in other words, we’re good at fitting into small spaces. With Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) mandating higher efficiencies in transformers, more materials are required, resulting in larger equipment. But you don’t need to worry, we have an eye for this kind of thing.

Helping with the design and technical recommendations for sizing and load calculations, we’ll find the product tailored for your application and space constraints. Once the plan is complete, our team is on-site from assessment to site shut-down to ensure seamless results.

Macs II Agencies Power Transformation Services-BC Layout and Planning Assistance
Macs II Agencies Power Transformation Services BC Equipment Modernization

Equipment Modernization

For us, it’s about more than just costing a job—it’s making sure it can be achieved. Our holistic approach weighs and measures all aspects of a project, evaluating each piece of equipment so problems are anticipated and solutions are provided proactively.