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Camosun College, situated in Victoria, BC, is dedicated to advancing collaborative and contemporary education. In pursuit of this vision, the college embarked on a transformative journey to reshape its campus into an innovative learning space. Collaborating with Stantec, Mac’s II Agencies aided in illuminating both the exterior and interior of the Camosun College: Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness project. This purpose-built 88,000 sqft centre, designed to foster collaboration and well-being, showcases designer-driven lighting from Delta Light, with the Bazil.

The Bazil, distinguished by its softly curved body that emits a gentle light, is seamlessly incorporated throughout the campus landscape. The anodized aluminum alloy bollards enhance wayfinding without compromising on aesthetics or longevity. Complementing this luminaire is the use of the Versatile LED Post Tops (VPTs) from Above All, strategically placed atop concrete cylinders parallel to an entryway staircase, providing functional and aesthetic illumination.

Breaking away from conventional classroom structures, the focus extended to indoor lighting, where luminaires from prominent brands such as Cooper Lighting Solutions, Modern Forms, Kelvix, and Finelite adorn the space, with a preference for suspension or surface-mounted installations.

Since its official opening in September 2019, the Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness serves as a testament to the demand for modern and collaborative learning spaces. The innovative design, coupled with thoughtfully chosen lighting solutions, establishes an environment that nurtures both academic and personal growth.

End User
Camosun College
Houle Electric
Wesco (Victoria)
Cooper Lighting Solutions: Metalux, Portfolio, Ametrix and Controls, Finelite, Kelvix, Above All Lighting, Modern Forms, Deltalight

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