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Victoria, BCCapital Park Landscape Project


The Capital Park Landscape Project spans across three lots and is equivalent to the size of an entire city block in Victoria’s downtown core. Classified as a mixed-use development space, the seven buildings within the area were looking to integrate exterior lighting that accentuated the bold architectural elements and provided functional illumination that was serene enough to respect surrounding regional landmarks.

With product availability concerns at top of mind, Mac’s II Agencies was called upon by Houle Electric to propose a fixture that would meet the elegant experience AES Engineering was seeking. BL Lighting’s neonVIEW is an encapsulated linear light that can be seamlessly integrated into any space due to its flexibility and flat profile.

Over 1,000 ft of neonVIEW strip lighting has been blended into the landscape while strategically highlighting scenic features, such as rusted iron elements, bench nosings, and pond walls.

AES Engineering was awarded the LIT Lighting Design Awards Ambient Lighting and the Landscape Lighting Award in 2022; LIT celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting products and applications. In addition, AES Engineering also received the 2022 IES Illumination Award of Merit for this incredible project.

Experience a new nightly perspective of Victoria’s historic Capital Park.

HDR, Endall Elliot Associates, Stantec, PWL Partnership
Houle Electric
EECOL Electric
BL Lighting
Adam Carnwell

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