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The ‘Commerce Canoe’ is a City of Victoria public art installation that serves as an iconic Canadian beacon of connection and history that was crafted by artist Illarion Gallant, principal of Rusnak Gallant LTD. Originally erected in 2008 in downtown Victoria’s historic Bastion Square, the 36-foot tall suspended piece was relocated in 2020 to the Triangle Green — an intersection of Johnson Street Bridge, Wharf Street and Pandora Avenue. Welcoming the installation to its new home and ensuring it could be viewed by bustling traffic day or night, Mac’s II Agencies’ own Ryan Brown, was called upon to help spotlight the structure without taking away from its aesthetics and comply with IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) regulations.

The Kios 5 from Ligman Lighting USA is an in-ground light designed for illuminating sculptures in marquee high-traffic areas while providing focused beam control for precise illumination accuracy. In addition, these fixtures are designed for durability and performance, as the Kios 5 can withstand harsh environments including the elements from the North Pacific Ocean which surround the area.

Along with providing superior outdoor luminaires, the team at Ligman Lighting USA was paramount in ensuring each of the 10 fixtures had the perfect glow of light over the entire structure. Detailed lighting calculations were rendered at all angles to ensure minimal glare, light trespass and night sky pollution, as well as allow for the City of Victoria and the artist to fully visualize the luminaire interaction.

Being part of an artistic beacon that will be enjoyed for decades to come, in the heart of downtown Victoria, is a true honour.

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City of Victoria
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Ligman Lighting USA
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