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The Langley Events Centre, serving as the home to the Western Hockey League’s (WHL) Vancouver Giants, has established itself as a premier venue for a diverse range of sporting events, including lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Hosting iconic events such as the Special Olympics and the Holiday Festival on Ice featuring Elvis Stojko, the facility has become a cornerstone for both regional and national competitions.

In 2016, the Township of Langley seized the opportunity to host the Vancouver Giants hockey team, necessitating a venue equipped with WHL league-standard lighting for regular games and practices. Consequently, the events centre embarked on a project to upgrade its lighting system, replacing 108 – 1,000W metal halide sports lights with a cutting-edge LED arena lighting system and lighting controls. The chosen system needed to meet specific requirements, including a full range of colour temperatures up to 5,700K, instant on/off capabilities, and DMX controlled dimming for theatrical control, encompassing internal optic control, external visors, and two touch-screen wall control stations.

The Ephesus Arena Pro 600 Series, from Cooper Lighting Solutions, was carefully chosen to seamlessly replace the metal halide lights on a one-for-one basis. Additionally, the Prism Colour Series fixture, comprising 12 units, was integrated into the project to introduce unique fan effects and enhance operational flexibility. This upgrade elevated the spectator experience by incorporating the DMX high-performance lighting control system, enabling preset colour tuning adjustments with a simple push of a button to achieve warmer tones for basketball and cooler hues for hockey. Notably, energy usage per fixture was reduced by 400W, culminating in a total energy savings of 43.2kW for the arena.

Today, the Ephesus Arena Pro system stands as a testament to technological advancement, facilitating high-profile events in the city. Beyond its technical attributes, the upgraded lighting system contributes significantly to the success of local businesses and fosters community engagement for the Township of Langley.

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