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Vancouver, BCMark Anthony Group HQ


The Mark Anthony Group, renownedly recognized as distinctive brand builders for the beverage sector, renovated their corporate offices located along Great Northern Way in Vancouver, BC.

In collaboration with AES Engineering, Mott Electric and Guillevin, we supported the project with the Axis Lighting Sculpt — an LED linear fixture with a small footprint. Like the bold innovators at The Mark Anthony Group, the Sculpt is boundless in creative expression with an infinite number of configurations and a wide selection of mounting options available. While utilized in a sleek singular multi-segmented fashion within the boardroom, this embedded slim 1.5-inch wide fixture visually allows the ceiling to breathe. In addition to providing ample multilevel lighting, the Sculpt complements the symmetrical layout within the space and aids in the long rectangular shape feeling spacious.

Like the creative minds behind the popular beverage brand White Claw, we’re thrilled to contribute to the tenant improvement project with a luminaire that encourages you to rethink ceiling grid illumination.

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Mark Anthony Group
Mott Electric
Axis Lighting

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