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Nanoose Bay Cafe, nestled in the heart of Schooner Cove with panoramic views of Fairwinds Marina, stands as a testament to the fusion of Pacific Northwest coastal beauty and the timeless allure of a European bistro. The family-run cafe embarked on a journey to bring the spirit of their Vancouver restaurant, the Water St. Cafe, to this new island eatery. Studio Series Interior Design, tasked with creating an environment that harmonizes historical and natural design cues, envisioned a warm and timeless elegance that would leave a lasting impression.

The original restaurant had a bright, cafeteria-like ambiance that needed a transformation to align with the new vision of the space. The goal was to set a warm mood using dimmable pools of light, offering a balance between functionality and atmospheric charm.

To achieve the desired ambiance, the project incorporated WAC Lighting track heads with ‘Ocularc 7011 Dim-To-Warm’ technology. These heads, installed on the existing track, provided bright white task lighting at full brightness for cleaning and prep activities. As they dimmed, the warm, yellow hues seamlessly blend with vintage bulbs suspended in clusters throughout the cafe. Additionally, Liteline’s MicroLED light, were strategically integrated into bar area, adding interest and drawing attention to the detailed millwork behind the bar.

A significant challenge was integrating the new track heads into the existing tracks without operational issues. The decision to retain the original tracks proved cost-effective and allowed for an updated, cleaner appearance with reduced glare. The warm-to-dim technology added an extra layer of sophistication, meeting the designer’s vision without compromising functionality.

Assisted by Kelly Inglis, lighting specifications sales rep from Mac’s II Agencies, Sherry Haddow of Studio Series Design was able to concentrate her efforts on other key elements for the design. This collaboration enabled her to happily immerse herself in designing the large-scale project within a limited timeframe, unburdened by the need to search for essential lighting solutions.

The project’s excellence has been recognized, earning a place among the 25 finalists for the Inaugural WL Design 25 Awards from Western Living Magazine.

Having experienced the ambiance firsthand after the cafe’s grand opening, the lighting successfully creates the desired mood, adding to the spaces elegance. The harmonious blend of warm tones, vintage aesthetics, and innovative lighting solutions makes Nanoose Bay Cafe to a standout destination on Vancouver Island.

End User
Eli Brennan
Interior Designer
Studio Series Design
Wesco (Nanaimo)
WAC Lighting, Liteline

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