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Steve Nash Sports Club’s West Vancouver location, situated at Park Royal, is a testament to the fusion of functional fitness and contemporary design. The lighting and controls solutions implemented in this project played aided in enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the facility. The collaboration between lighting experts, engineers, and designers resulted in a cutting-edge fitness space spanning 30,400 square feet.

The primary goal of the project was to create a functional fitness space that aligns with the Steve Nash brand while distinguishing itself as a flagship gym in West Vancouver. The design aimed to strike a balance between brand recognition, luxury, and spaciousness while ensuring durability and efficient space utilization. To achieve this, existing elements were elevated, distinctive features were strategically incorporated and materials were carefully selected based on high durability and their premium finishes, including the lighting.

The project incorporated lighting solutions from Axis Lighting, Cooper Lighting Solutions (Metalux and HALO), Liteline, Stone Lighting, SPI Lighting, and Lampolite. Notably, the Sculpt from Axis Lighting, a Canadian brand, was prominently featured in segmented linear runs throughout the fitness space to reinforce Cutlers design of clean lines to create movement and energy. The Sculpt was also integrated into select ceilings and walls, creating a dynamic set of running lines. Cooper Lighting Solutions was also used as an advanced lighting control solution to optimize the overall lighting system.

The Steve Nash Sports Club in West Vancouver stands as a flagship facility that successfully balances brand identity, luxury, and functionality. The lighting solutions met the practical requirements of the fitness space but also contributed to transforming the facility into a mixed-use, community hub that fosters wellness, team-building, and personal growth.

This collaborative effort resulted in a cohesive design that embraces the Pacific Northwest spirit, meeting functional requirements while enhancing the overall ambiance of the facility.

End User
Steve Nash Sports Club
Interior Designer
Wesco (Burnaby)
Axis Lighting, Liteline, Cooper Lighting Solutions: Metalux, HALO and Controls, Stone Lighting

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