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Tech Company HQ, a leading technology firm based in Vancouver, sought to revamp the lighting at their headquarters to align with their innovative brand identity and create an inviting atmosphere for employees and visitors. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge software solutions, the company recognized the importance of integrating advanced lighting technology to reflect their dynamic approach to business.

To enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of the company’s headquarters, while ensuring functional illumination for both employees and visitors, the lighting design needed to reflect the innovative spirit of the company’s software products. It also needed to seamlessly integrate with the suburban/semi-wooded environment surrounding the campus. Additionally, the lighting needed to guide drivers through the campus without creating visual clutter or conflict.

After careful consideration, the team at Mac’s II Agencies in collaboration with BL Lighting selected the BL neonVIEW Pixel DOME RGBW for the project. This flex linear tape light was chosen for its ability to emit vivid colours and dynamic lighting effects, reminiscent of the software experiences developed by the client. The neonVIEW Pixel DOME RGBW was ideal for creating visually stunning displays that could move back and forth slowly, providing an immersive experience for anyone entering or leaving the campus.

Strategically installed behind frosted glass panels throughout the campus, this installation method served two key purposes: it diffused the light emitted by the fixtures, creating a soft and welcoming ambiance, and it unified the lighting across different areas of the campus. Additionally, a wireless mesh network was employed to ensure that the dynamic lighting displays remained in sync, despite the fixtures being located in various positions from the building to the entrance gate station.

The implementation of BL Lighting’s neonVIEW Pixel DOME RGBW fixtures has transformed the headquarters of the tech company into a visually striking and immersive environment. The dynamic walls, broadcasting vast swaths of colour that gently move back and forth, serve as a captivating welcome for employees and visitors alike.

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