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Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization entrusted with ensuring the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment. Beyond regulatory functions like issuing permits and licenses, the organization actively collaborates with industries to mitigate safety risks through assessment, education, enforcement, and research.

Their recently established office in the Township of Langley demanded lighting solutions that align with the organizational culture of fostering collaboration across professional teams operating in varied spaces—ranging from open-office layouts to semi-private meeting rooms and private areas. The objective was to strike a balance between functionality and design, creating an environment that not only met stringent safety standards but also embraced modern aesthetics.

Collaborating closely, Mac’s II Agencies and False Creek Design Group Ltd. meticulously curated an optimal lighting solution for Technical Safety BC’s new office. The selected luminaires hailed from renowned industry brands: Axis Lighting, Cooper Lighting Solutions: HALO, Eaton, and Modern Forms.

The incorporation of Stencil from Axis Lighting and Metric from Modern Forms effectively tackled the challenge of illuminating a diverse office environment. The hexagonal design of these luminaires not only delivered ample light but also introduced a playful and cohesive geometric theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

End User
BC Safety Authority
Interior Designer
False Creek Design Group

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