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The Post, located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver’s four most prominent streets: Homer, Dunsmuir, Hamilton and W. Georgia, has been redeveloped from a mid-century Canada Post distribution facility into a modernized smart multi-use building. Proclaimed as ‘Vancouver’s Future’ and the most ambitious heritage redevelopment in Canada’s history, the building will be a 1-block hub for Vancouverites and travellers to experience dining, wellness, and retail, as well as become a 1.1 million sqft office space for Amazon.

Achieving the client’s vision of The Post being the future of business meant that a state-of-the-art, open protocol, centralized lighting control system was required to allow building management to optimize energy and cost savings. The WaveLinx Pro Wireless system, by Cooper Lighting Solutions, is known for being a scalable, secure, and flexible all-in-one lighting control system for both indoor and outdoor environments.

When paired with the Trellix Platform, the WaveLinx Pro Wireless system leverages data, such as room occupancy, gathered by sensors allowing facility managers to monitor and reconfigure individual zones as needed. The WaveLinx Mobile app also provides all parties, such as building security, and ease of use in the palm of their hands. With a proven track record from being used in previous QuadReal Property Group projects, Mac’s II Agencies’ recommendations for Cooper Lighting Solutions products were a natural choice.

Additional benefits include:

  •  Communication with BACnet (a communication protocol for building automation and control networks that use the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standards)
  •  Low maintenance due to fewer components, especially when compared to the competition
  •  Users can select from a wide range of Cooper Lighting Solution fixtures which seamlessly connect to the controls system. They can also adapt luminaires with sensors or integrate a WaveLinx Pro Wireless driver to pair the fixture to the automated and data-driven controls system.

Outfitted with several controllers, sensors, convertors, and digital wallstations further add to the soon-to-be deemed Gold LEED-certified, properties modernized advancements.

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