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Kamloops, BCTRU: Industrial Training and Technology Centre


Thompson River University (TRU), based in Kamloops BC, needed to meet an increasing student and labour-market demand. In 2018 they completed the $32M, 5,344-square-meter Industrial Training and Technology Centre (ITTC) that supports an increase of 550 full-time-equivalent students. Recognized as a Gold LEED-certified building, the TRU ITTC required lighting to fit various needs throughout the facility; most notably an extraordinary LED fixture that would complement the minimalist decor, perform as an engaging grand entrance focal point, and suspend from immensely high ceilings.

The open concept space features concrete pillars, a steel and wood frame roof as well as the neutral white (4000K) lumens from the Zaneen Glorious Slim 1550 suspended fixture; prominently featured in the building entranceway. Glorious is an oversized geometric surface light fixture that adds a dramatic flair to any space with uniform illumination. A visual fusion of pop art and science fiction, this Austrian-manufactured sculpted luminaire is ideal for staging extraordinary spaces, such as TRU’s ITTC entrance.

With the use of aircraft cables, at various heights, giving the illusion of Glorious hovering in place, all 6 sparkling silver finished rings required extra care when installing due to their large diameter and being suspended from a three-storey high ceiling. The Mac’s II Specifications Team consulted alongside Houle Electric, in collaboration with Stantec and Wesco, to ensure TRU’s vision of a grand entrance was met, provided insight to aid in the installation process and ensured the sleek fixture was compatible with the facilities controls system.

In order to pair the fixture to the centre’s Fifth Light Controls System by Cooper Lighting, and access the full functionality of Glorious, a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) was installed. The converter relays with the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) allowing dimming controls and on/off commands to occur – further maximizing the entranceway experience.

Additional lighting by Metalux, Lumark, Portfolio and Axis Lighting is also prominently used throughout the facility, both complement the linear architectural style and eco-friendly initiatives; key highlights include:

  • The Metalux SkyBar Series, by Cooper Lighting Solutions, is found throughout the industrial hands-on learning spaces due to its ability to illuminate large areas with either high or low ceilings — the all-in-one high bay and low bay system.
  • Suspended in a linear fashion throughout the corridors and classrooms, as well as inset between the wooden ceiling accents within the open learning spaces, is the Sculpt by Axis Lighting — the slim 1.5” wide profile allows for a minimal ceiling footprint and compliments the building’s modern design.
  • Mounted along the exterior of the building is the Lumark XTOR Crosstour LED wall mount, by Cooper Lighting Solutions — its thin profile allows it to blend seamlessly into the building and super bright illumination makes it perfect for evening classes and safety.

Viewable through the expansive windowpanes at a distance, or as you enter the centre to begin your educational journey, prepare to be illuminated by Zaneen, Axis Lighting and much more; all loved by TRU.

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Zaneen, Axis Lighting, Cooper Lighting Solutions: Metalux, Lumark, Portfolio

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