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The University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Forest Sciences Centre (FSC), located within the 400 hectare campus in Vancouver, required a lighting upgrade to it’s lecture theatre. With several ways to illuminate the space, Mac’s II Agencies was called upon to consult on the lighting design and specification, alongside O’M Engineering and Steele Electric, to execute an effective yet beautiful application.

The 250 tiered seating classroom now features the flexFORM LED strip lighting system from BL Lighting, which is used to highlight the stairways within the audience seating. The strips are housed within BL Lighting’s fixFORM Stair Nose to create high visible step delineation while providing a safe, durable and smooth transition from one step to the next. Accenting the edge of each step provides subtle wayfinding and added safety.

Additionally, the Nelio ES Series, from PMC Lighting, was also integrated into the ceiling. Six long surface-mounted linear beams of light naturally compliment the grid within the ceiling and provide sufficient illumination within the space.

UBC students can now enjoy lectures on bioeconomy, environmental sciences, and sustainable forest management under brighter light.

End User
UBC (University of British Columbia)
O’M Engineering
Steele Electric
Guilliven (Burnaby) 

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