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New Westminster, BCWestminster Pier Park: Pedestrian Bridge


Westminster Pier Park, located along the picturesque waterfront at New West Quay, embarked on a transformative journey with the addition of a dynamic pedestrian bridge. Commissioned by the City of New Westminster and orchestrated by Bosa Development, this visionary project aimed to seamlessly integrate architectural excellence, safety, and community engagement. The scope encompassed a new build, introducing a pedestrian overpass and a vibrant playground, with a focus on creating a warm and secure environment, especially during the evening hours.

Given the absence of pre-existing lighting fixtures, the project was a blank canvas for innovation. Recognizing the importance of community engagement, special attention was given to the playground’s illumination. 34 units of Acclaim Lighting’s Dyna Drum SO DW’s were strategically positioned throughout the bridge’s underbelly, delivering substantial illumination, creating an inviting ambiance, and encouraging people to interact with the space at dusk. An integral feature of the Dyna Drums is the built-in receiver for the Aria wireless DMX system, enabling precise light direction and distribution, minimizing shadows, and enhancing overall safety. As supplementary illumination, 12x Dyna Accent Minis also complemented the larger units; their compact, high-power LED floodlight design enables them to seamlessly fit into confined spaces.

For effective illumination on the pedestrian bridge pathway that met the desired aesthetic of all collaborators, Acclaim Lighting’s team customized 100 outdoor-rated Pixel Bars. These linear luminaires, equipped with specific lenses, ensured a discreet low-profile, uniform light source, contributing to the overall visual allure of the bridge.

The meticulously curated luminaire package was thoughtfully comprised of fixtures boasting IK ratings for durability and tamper-resistant hardware, fortifying security and ensuring compliance. Additionally, the luminaires carry an IP66 rating for wet locations, making them ideal for operation in lower mainland weather. Encompassing an expansive area of 300-ft by 45-ft, the lighting solution provided comprehensive coverage for both the pedestrian bridge and the adjoining playground.

The award-winning Westminster Pier Park Pedestrian Bridge project stands as a testament to the seamless collaboration among all stakeholders involved. As the sun sets, the bridge comes alive, providing a safe, engaging, and visually stunning experience for residents and visitors alike, in part to the innovative lighting solutions.

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City of New Westminster
Ameresis Lighting
Acclaim Lighting

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