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Power quality is not only a life-saving product—it’s an uptime-saving product.

Benefits Is Your Business Protected?

Protecting your business’s electrical and IT infrastructure is more important than ever so don’t let premature failure, loss of data, equipment lock ups, or other catastrophic events affect your business. Today, electronic and digital devices are more susceptible to power quality issues and the risk continues to grow. Without the proper protection in place, the impact can be costly.

Using the correct strategy and the appropriate power quality products can reduce downtime and keep your business up and running for longer. You know the cost of downtime, so there’s really only one thing to do: protect your equipment.

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What We Can Do Our Capabilities

Macs II Agencies Power Quality Services UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS Systems)

Not all UPS systems are created equal. But that’s why we’re here—we’ll cut through the noise and determine which system is the right fit for your application based on how critical the load is. 

We help with sizing, configuring, and system layouts and provide technical information, even providing budget pricing. Alternatively, if you have an existing system and are looking to upgrade or replace it, we can chat about the options and guide you through transition plans that fit your current and future requirements.

Surge Protection

Surges can be one of the most damaging power quality issues. External surges like lighting strikes or your power company switching things up can pose significant risks, but they don’t happen as often as internal surges. Internal surges can be frequent and damaging, triggered by anything from the cycling of equipment in your facility to unexpected issues with elevators, motors, printers, and more!

Our expertise lies in determining the appropriate size and technology of a Surge Protective Device (SPD) tailored to your specific geographic location, neighbourhood characteristics, and strategic placement within your building or panel. Safeguarding your equipment against these surges is extremely important, and we’re here to ensure comprehensive protection.

Macs II Agencies Power Quality Services Surge Protection
Macs II Agencies Power Quality Services IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT power protection covers more than the black box; redundancy, uptime, software capabilities, and cyber security are important considerations that fall under IT and we’re here to chat about your network needs. We’ll dive into software and cybersecurity solutions as well as products available through Eaton. 

Plus, we supply server cabinets and data racks, in row cooling products, charging carts, and network cabling, and can distribute the UPS power to your racks with a few options from overhead busway, RPP’s and PDU’s.

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