The Sentinel Development West Vancouver BC

West Vancouver, BC The Sentinel Development


The Sentinel, an elevated residential 26-storey development, is becoming a new marquee statement to the West Vancouver skyline in part to the illuminated Ombrae Vinea Canopy. The combined vision of Ombrae Studios and Denna Homes was to mimic nature’s seasonal shift by utilizing transitional green, red and yellow lights.

Achieving uniform brightness across the vertical surface, while having the colour flow into one another, required a special mix of products from Acclaim Lighting to achieve the desired effect. The Flood One EO colour paired with the Linear One DMX exterior made for the perfect combo due to their high output colour-changing RGBW options and ability to withstand the elements. In addition, Acclaim Lighting’s RDS 6 and ART 500 were specified for programming and bringing the colour gradients to life.

Creating the dramatic lighting, which scales the side of the building and wraps around the crown of the tower, required meticulous setup and fine-tuning. Mac’s II Agencies’ highly experienced Lighting Controls Specialist, Brent Nicholson, overcame challenges surrounding programming issues, with assistance from Acclaim Lighting, to ensure the desired wall-washing colour blend was being cast to everyone’s desired result.

This artistic outdoor lighting installation adds a natural organic element to the architecture and is a new prominent beacon to the West Vancouver cityscape.

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