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Vancouver, BCUBC Thunderbird Park: Tourmaline West Stadium


The UBC Thunderbird Park, situated at the University of British Columbia (UBC), serves as the proud home to the UBC Thunderbirds, a competitive baseball program within the NAIA Baseball Division. As home to one of only two Canadian teams in the league, UBC was set to embark on a mission to elevate their facilities to professional standards, addressing concerns related to outdated infrastructure and insufficient lighting for evening games.

The completion of the $4.9 million stadium project in April 2018 marked a significant milestone. This state-of-the-art facility was meticulously designed to cater to baseball players of all ages, ranging from little league to varsity. The comprehensive upgrade encompassed various elements, including a new synthetic Astroturf playing surface, cutting-edge LED field sports lighting, a modern scoreboard, an outfield padded fence, dugouts, bullpens, and a seating grandstand with a capacity of 480.

In order to meet the specific lighting requirements for professional play, consulting engineers GNEC developed a detailed specification for the project. They opted for the All Field lighting system from Cooper Lighting Solutions: Ephesus. Renowned for its ability to deliver optimal light levels, Ephesus ensures high visibility and performance for an unparalleled game day experience. This implementation of cutting-edge lighting technology marked a substantial improvement over the outdated system, positioning the stadium with a lighting solution that aligns seamlessly with professional standards.

The introduction of LED field lights enhances visibility and also contributes to energy efficiency and sustainability. LED technology, known for its longevity and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional lighting systems, underscores the stadium’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Notably, the Tourmaline West Stadium, within the Thunderbird Park, proudly stands as the first artificial baseball field in British Columbia, with the professional sport lighting system adding to the array of incredible upgrades at the facility.

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