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The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Health Sciences Centre (HSC), located in Burnaby, BC, has been designed to simulate healthcare settings, such as hospital, clinical and laboratory workflows. As the building name reflects, over 6,000 students pursuing health sciences will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in environments that will prepare them for their careers in specialty nursing, medical radiography, nuclear medicine technology and more.

The four-storey, 106,000 sqft facility, meticulously designed by Stantec ensures students’ wellness is at the forefront. by creating spaces for three types of learning typologies, accessible spaces for decompression and creating an eco-conscious building focused on energy efficiency and low-carbon emissions. Mac’s II Agencies’ own Mark Sheldrick was called upon by Stantec to consult on nearly the entire luminaire package of the project.

From specification consultation to product shipment coordination, we worked closely with our trusted distributor Wesco and vendor partners to navigate the delivery challenges during the force majeure COVID-19 pandemic. During fulfillment, arising shipping concerns around the originally specified troffer were increasing. Cooper Lighting Solutions went the extra mile and provided a complimentary upgrade to the Encounter from Metalux — an LED known for its sleek contemporary design and advanced light uniformity.

On top of supplying visual comfort lighting to create pleasurable learning environments in the WELL pre-certified building, other luminaires featured include:

  • LED Strip Tape from Kelvix — The RGBW tape was programmed to indicate, via colour, if a lavatory stall was available or occupied.
  • The FORUM LED Panel Light, from Liteline — These panels were purposely mounted along the corridor edges to reflect that of a hospital’s hallways. Having the FORUM placed off to the sides prevents patients, wheeled on gurneys, from being irritated by the light shining directly in their field of vision when transported from one location to the next.
  • Artfully crafted pendants from SPI Lighting, are an added visual feature within the Atrium. The lamp source peers through the surrounding shapes allowing light to dance and form unique patterns, creating an organic texture and play to the space.
  • Wall washing techniques using the HP-WG Wall Grazer from Finelite, amplify the vertical wooden textures within the Atrium.
  • The Changing Views series from Cooper Lighting Solutions: Fail-Safe, used within the CT training room, influences calm within the space due to the palm tree mural embedded into the face of the lens. This 3×3 grid light box delivers visual therapy for patients.
  • The TopTier LED, from Cooper Lighting Solutions: McGraw-Edison, has been pendant mounted within the underground parkade complimenting the contemporary design while providing safety.

To align with the state-of-the-art technical centre, we commissioned the lighting controls; installing over 1,000 fixtures with integral sensors to communicate with the Cooper Lighting Solutions: Wavelinx and Trellix system.

Additionally, our Power Quality team worked closely with BCIT to ensure their new state-of-the-art HSC facility had the ability to redeploy and reconfigure power on demand. Starline’s flexible raceway system allows users to unplug a plug-in module and snap it into a new location, along the busway channel, without de-energizing the system. The versatility grants educators the ability to reconfigure their learning spaces to suit their needs vs. being constrained by the location of electrical plug-ins.

Being part of a prestigious project, geared towards fostering an optimal learning atmosphere for our future healthcare workers, is one we are proud to be part of with partners Stantec, Canem Systems and Wesco.

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