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DP World, a leading logistics company specializing in cargo logistics and port terminal operations, is located in the bustling city of Vancouver, BC. Renowned for its ability to facilitate the fast and sustainable movement of products, DP World Vancouver serves as the main control facility for the Port of Vancouver, operating 24 hours a day to ensure seamless logistics operations.

The lighting design for this pivotal facility was undertaken by AES Engineering’s accomplished lighting designer, Victor Quezada, who methodically created a well-thought-out lighting scheme. From the initial layouts to the careful selection of fixtures, every aspect of the project was meticulously planned to enhance the working environment for DP World staff.

A key objective of the lighting design was to support the staff’s well-being across all shifts by incorporating Circadian Rhythm Lighting. Most organisms, including humans, have a biological clock that synchronizes their physiological and behavioural patterns with the environment’s daily changes. Light is a crucial factor in regulating these circadian rhythms, which in turn manage sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature, and eating habits. Proper alignment of circadian rhythms is essential for promoting restorative sleep, which enhances productivity and alertness. For workers on evening or graveyard shifts, this type of human health lighting is particularly beneficial, ensuring they remain alert and productive regardless of the hour.

In addition to incorporating Circadian Rhythm Lighting, with BIOS technology, the design required luminaires to be mounted in various configurations, including linear, suspended, and vertical arrangements. To meet these requirements, Axis Lighting Sketch and Slim families were chosen.

In addition to Axis Lighting, other quality lines were incorporated into the design, including products from Cooper Lighting Solutions: Metalux, Portfolio, and io LED, as well as Kelvix. These selections contributed to a comprehensive lighting solution that met the functional needs of the facility but also supported the health and productivity of its workers.

Overall, the lighting design for DP World in Vancouver, BC, stands as a testament to the importance of innovative and thoughtful lighting design. By prioritizing both the physiological and operational needs of the staff, the project successfully created a well-illuminated, health-conscious, and efficient working environment.

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