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Surrey, BCCanadian College: Central Surrey Campus


Canadian College’s Surrey Central Campus is primed to give students a competitive edge when it comes to pursuing a career in business, hospitality, or project management, in part due to its newly refreshed space.

In a joint effort with AES Engineering, Blueline Electrical Services LTD. and E.B. Horsman and Son, we supported the tenant improvement project with Metalux luminaires by Cooper Lighting Solutions. The centre baskets provide exceptional uniform luminance without compromising visual comfort. These LED troffers aid in the creation of a modern refreshing interior, by 34F Design, that is geared to provide students with a solid educational foundation.

The Metalux troffers integrated into the common areas, corridors and lecture-based classrooms are the perfect balance of form and function. Along with providing high-performance efficiency, they are also known for saving 60% of energy costs compared to fluorescent troffers.

Contributing to bright futures in Surrey’s University District continues to be a shining moment.

End User
Canadian College
Interior Designer
34F Design

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