Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre Surrey BC

Surrey, BC Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre


Ten years ago, our team had the privilege of collaborating with AES Engineering to illuminate the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre in Surrey, BC. Known for its world-class design and the vision encapsulated by Surrey’s motto, “the future lives here,” this facility was built to serve as a community hub for recreational, therapeutic, and competitive aquatic activities. A key focal point of the aquatic centre is the 10-lane, 50-meter FINA-standard Olympic-size competition pool, making it a premier destination for swimmers.

Recently, we were invited back, alongside AES Engineering, to update the lighting within the facility’s natatorium space. The original lighting setup, which relied on what is now considered outdated lamp technology, had started to show significant wear and tear. The ballasts and bulbs were frequently failing, increasing the demand for replacements, which was both challenging and costly due to their high mounting positions above the pool.

Understanding the unique requirements of natatorium lighting, including resistance to wet and chlorinated environments, Cooper Lighting Solutions’ Ephesus lighting was chosen for this upgrade. The switch to a powerhouse LED system like Ephesus minimized downtime and eliminated the need for costly and cumbersome bulb and ballast replacements.

Additionally, the Ephesus lighting system introduced advanced wireless control capabilities to the facility. Unlike the previous setup, which only allowed for simple on/off functionality, the new system enables precise control over individual luminaires, including dimming options, enhancing the user experience and contributing to energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

Our lighting control specialists worked in close collaboration with AES Engineering to commission the new lighting system. Together, we ensured that all required illumination levels were met and that various lighting scenes were tailored to the specific needs of the facility.

The updated lighting at the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre has significantly enhanced the facility, reinforcing its status as a top-tier destination for aquatic sports and activities. This project not only resolved the practical issues of the past but also aligned with Surrey’s vision of a forward-looking, sustainable community resource.

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